The Town of Riverview Seniors Roundtable was established February 2006 following adoption of council motion to support a proposal submitted by Wayne Harrigan and Cecile Cassista, advocates for seniors of the community.

They outlined preliminary goals and values to be gained by supporting a proposal for a roundtable for seniors, that would enhance the community by improving the quality of life for those living in the Town of Riverview.

They mentioned a number of barriers that impact seniors from getting around, for example, parking and wheel chair accessibility is a huge barrier to seniors who experience a disability.

They made the point that quite often the general public does not recognize these areas because they are not directly affected as an individual unless they have a family member or friend who is experiencing a disability. One of the examples sited was Wheels on Wheels an access transit that is a shared ride, door to door, public service for persons who are declared eligible through the registration program. The Municipality of the Town of Riverview provides subsidized funding for this service. The Committee learned that many did not know of this mode of transportation.

That the lines of communication between the public and the Town council, would create greater opportunities for discussion of public issues, and, more citizen involvement in the community and could be a vehicle for greater public understanding and facilitating two-way dialogue between the town and the citizens that it serves; a Roundtable for seniors to bring forward concerns so that Town Council could addressed.

This would provide an insight to the relevant barriers that seniors are experiencing in today’s society, especially since we have an ageing population, the Town of Riverview would be stepping forward to be front runners in this area.