Seniors Roundtable joins for a photo opt following the Roundtable Meeting of November 25, 2009

 The Seniors Roundtable of Riverview are getting in-motion.
At today's meeting, of the Seniors Roundtable, Ashley Arrow Smith Community Recreation Worker from the Town of Riverview Recreational department  introduced the  in-motion strategy  to become physically active in the community. The Seniors Roundtable has two representatives on the in-motion steering committee.

If you are interested becoming part of Riverview in -motion, contact Ashley Arrow Smith at 387 2028

Senior’s Recognition Dinner

The Riverview Lions Club will be holding their Senior’s Recognition Dinner on Thursday, December 10, 2009 for Riverview seniors 65 and older.

Reservations will be accepted from individuals and couples at the Lions Club, 701 Coverdale Road, on NOVEMBER 30th and DECEMBER 1 from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm.

The phone line will be open to take calls at 386-5202, but as there is only one line it may take some time.

Member of the Seniors Roundtable in-Motion

Wayne Harrigan, representative of the Seniors Roundtable, after leaving for his walk this morning at the Dobson Trail, arrived at The Rocks with just five minutes to spare to see the Olympic Torch at The Rocks in Hopewell Cape this morning. The torch bearer he saw is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, a gold medal winner for swimming at the Beijing Olympics. Lots of media, some from Brazil, others from various parts of Canada. All very impressed with The Rocks!

What's Happening in Riverview Come out and Check it out!!!!!

You won’t want to miss this.  --Mystery Activity
26 November 9:30am-12:00pm
Kinsmen Small Hall
145A Lakeside Drive Y
Guest speakers from Ruth Barnes Modeling
Agency and Sharpe Impressions!

For more information call 387-2024 or visit
Transportation is available but space is limited– please call Ashley at 387-2028 to book in advance.

Damascus Coffee A Great PlaceTo Get Together In Riverview

Kevin Steen, owner of Damascus Coffee, is pictured with Cecile Cassista and Wayne Harrigan, executive members of the Riverview Seniors Roundtable.    Damascus Coffee, a great place to get together in our town, is a coffeehouse at 710 Coverdale Road.  The Roundtable is pleased to have Damascus as a sponsor. 
Visit the Damascus website at

Representives of Seniors Roundtable hold Special meeting with Riverview Seniors Executive

Lillan Smith and Bernice Russell,  meet with  Riverview Seniors to discuss  concerns of  the Community