Seniors Roundtable hosts byelection meet & greet Published Tuesday November 30th, 2010

This is a free event. Everyone is welcome. For further information, contact Cecile Cassista at 506-860-7682 or 506-850-8286.

Riverview candidates to attend meet-and-greet - Published Friday November 26th, 2010

Cecile Cassista is organizing the meet-and-greet on behalf of the Riverview Seniors Club and the Town of Riverview Seniors Roundtable. She believes the meet-and-greet is an excellent way for politicians to engage the entire community, not just seniors. Mayor Clarence Sweetland is also expected to be in attendance.

Seniors Annual Dinner - It's Free

The Riverview Lions Club will be hosting a Seniors' Recognition Dinner on Thursday, December 9, 2010 for Riverview seniors 65 and older.

Reservations will be accepted from individuals and couples at the Lions Club, 701 Coverdale Road, on NOVEMBER 30th and DECEMBER 1 from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm.

The phone line will be open to take calls at 386-5202, there is only one line it may take some time.

People urged to join registry - Published Wednesday November 3rd, 2010

The city is recommending vulnerable seniors and people with serious disabilities put their names on Fredericton's Disaster Registry to ensure they receive help when a natural or man-made disaster strikes.