Aging is not a disease - Published - Monday March 22nd, 2010

Jo-Ann Fellows is a writer living in Fredericton. Her columns on seniors' concerns and on public policy issues appear twice a month on Mondays.

Given the advances in medical science and in attitudes about aging, you may be here a lot longer than you think.

Life expectancy is being continuously extended, and this trend shows no sign of abating. Half of the babies born this year will reach their 100th birthday. In fact, it is the portion of the population over 80 that will show the most impressive advances in life extension in the years ahead.


Seniors push property tax reform - CBC News March 10, 2010

Across New Brunswick, homeowners are receiving their annual property tax assessments and tax bills in the mail. The rising tax bills in many communities has prompted concern from a seniors lobby group about the possibility that older citizens may be forced out of their homes because of the cost of their payments.