Metro Election 2012

Municipal Election 2012 Riverview

Members of the Town of Riverview Seniors Roundtable have  added their names to the Candidates list to serve the community.

Long-time councillor Ann Seamans is running for the Mayor Position. She believes growth has to evolve in an orderly fashion while maintaining the tax rate and managing the debt level.

 Cecile Cassista, retired and Chair for the Town of Riverview Seniors Roundtable is running for one of the three  positions at large.

Town of Riverview Seniors Roundtable has organized a Special Consultation session in cooperation with Lakeview Tower Inc.
Codiac Transit Service in Riverview
The Town of Riverview, Council approved a full service review of the current system and requested Codiac Transpo’s assistance in facilitating  public consultation that would help determine improvements to the current service.
Consultation comes to you: 
Lakeview Tower Inc.
21 Crystal Drive, Riverview, NB
On April 16, 2012
2:00 – 3:00 pm
Something to think about!!!
What are your concerns?
Does the current Codiac bus system meet your needs?
Your suggestions can help improve the bus system.
Come out and participate whether you use the service or not.
All are welcome - Free