Senior defrauded of $3,000 - Published Thursday January 28th, 2010

SAINT JOHN - Broken-hearted and betrayed.
That's how an 80-year-old Saint John woman said she felt after she was defrauded by her home care worker.
Doris Bevans said in a victim impact statement she trusted Patricia Vautour, 65, and loved her.


Daybreak: keeping dream alive for seniors - Published Wednesday January 27th, 2010

Last week I wrote about the Daybreak Seniors Activity Centre and the risk of closure by month's end if it didn't attract additional clients or obtain financial support.

Message from the Mayor

The Town of Riverview intends to continue to do all it can to make sure our community is always a great place for seniors to live. Council wishes to nurture this valuable resource called experience that seniors have accumulates over their years and put it to work for all to benefit. Town Council has appointed a Seniors' RoundTable. Issues which arise can be communicated back to Council from this committee. In an effort to enhance the lives of our seniors, we provide senior programs and activities such as regular card games, free skating, special event tours, seniors fitness programs, computer classes, annual seniors' dinner, seniors swim programs. The Town of Riverview also appreciates the seniors who volunteer to staff our tourist information office, and those who volunteer in so many other ways.
Mayor Sweetland

Seniors' Registry

Town of Riverview - Seniors’ Roundtable
A Voice in the Community…. Making Things Happen!

This survey is being conducted by the Town of Riverview Seniors Roundtable to create a database of all seniors who live alone and have no family member living nearby. 

The registry is to provide a standardized service and structure to deliver services to in an emergency situation. Seniors need to ensure they are properly cared for in the event of an ice storm or other natural emergency.

Seniors living in seniors complexes such as senior housing, nursing homes and special care homes will already have this service need not register.

Who would qualify?  
  •  Seniors who live within the Town of Riverview, who may need special care, such as evacuation assistance, or special medical attention, during or after an emergency situation.
  • Persons who are frail or housebound.
  • Persons with a mobility, vision, or hearing impairment.
  • Seniors with a disabling mental illness or developmental disability. 
  • Seniors with a serious condition, who are medically fragile.
Click on the form below to print and fill out. You can mail or drop off your registration at 133 Canusa Drive, Riverview NB E1B 2W6 or call 8607685 for pick up.

The information you provide is strictly confidential.

Senior Death Blamed on Pharmacy Error January 9, 2010

A  Minnesota Health Department investigation has confirmed that a New Brighton nursing home resident died as the result of a pharmacy error. The man received the wrong formulation of an anti fungal medication, leading to kidney failure and preventing the resident from receiving proper treatment for fungal pneumonia and cancer.


65,040 females; 57,500 males  (total, 122,540)
  0 -4 yrs:  170 females; 380 males
  5 -14 yrs:  1,420 females; 2,710 males
  15 -24 yrs:  2,500 females;  2,500 males
  25 -44 yrs:  10,400 females;  8,400 males
  45 -64 yrs:  24,200 females;  23,000 males
  65 -74 yrs:  10,600 females;  10,300 males
  75+ yrs:  15,700 females;  10,300 males.
- 2006 Participation & Activity Limitation Survey: Disability in Canada, StatsCan.